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23 Jul Enter a new world of Dawntroversial

As I enter the world of Dawntroversial I can’t help but wonder if I have accidentally stumbled into a Lady Gaga music video. Cyborg models pose with intergalactic shoes on their shoulders and in their hair. Glaswegian Designer, Dawn Smith, moves quicker than the speed of light, introducing space hoppers, toy guns, and a never ending supply of exclusive shoes to the set. This flamboyant and energized planet is Dawn’s home, after her life acquired a new time zone due to the rapid success of her business: Dawntroversial Shoes.

Dawn leads me away from the debut collection photo shoot into her working warehouse. The sheer diversity of colours and designs stuns me. Clearly, I am not the only admirer. The 25 year old graduate’s hand painted galaxy themed shoes have rocketed in popularity since the business launched a mere month ago. This is marked by Dawn’s ability to break the stratosphere and catch the celebrity interest of Poppy Disney, who has requested a pair of Dawntroversials for London Fashion Week.

Despite Dawn’s sudden success, she is very natural, smiling permanently. Her comfortable attitude gives the warehouse a homely feel, which should be no surprise as Dawn is defined by creativity, “My mum recently told me that when I was four I made her a pair of shoes out of cardboard. I painted them and created a bubble wrap insole.” This interest continued throughout Dawn’s childhood as she continued to customise shoes for Halloween costumes, a particular favourite being leopard print shoes for a Scary Spice outfit.

During her teenage years Dawn was the fashion envy of many for her individually designed shoes. After graduating Dawn’s interest became an obsession. It was at this time that Dawn sought inspiration and discovered her planet of intergalactic footwear.

Dawn eagerly directs me towards photos on the wall, “I took inspiration from Christopher Kane’s Galaxy clothing range and Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita Boots. Futuristic fashion is a current trend and I thought I could put my own take on it by making all my shoes different.”

It was not long until Dawn’s entrepreneurial instinct kicked in and the plan for a business was made, “My shoes had became popular locally through word of mouth. When I started to receive personal requests I decided I would make a business out of the shoes.” Dawn then proceeded to set up a Facebook page and email address for requests.

From the moment Dawntroversial shoes launched on face book, Dawn has been swamped with requests and hailed by fashion followers. Already Glaswegian boutiques have offered to stock the shoes. Dawn waves her hands around in excitement, “My friend who owns Parma Vintage in Gourock has said she will sell them in her market place on ASOS.” The rapid pace of Dawntroversial’s success has surprised the designer herself as she anticipates her shoes celebrity debut at London Fashion Week, “I feel honoured that my shoes are being worn at London Fashion Week. I hope that my designs get noticed and create media attention. To get my name out there so quickly is surreal but very exciting.”

Considering the powerful sphere of gravity already surrounding Dawntroversial as it orbits around the world of high fashion, we can only imagine what Dawn and her intergalactic planet of shoes is capable of, “I hope that Dawntroversial shoes will continue to get noticed, be publicized and talked about. I am looking to expand the company and maybe produce prints to be sold in high street shops like Office and produce a high end range of the customised shoes with a view to celebrities purchasing them.”

This article was written by Corrine McConnachie



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