DAWNTROVERSIAL | Hand Over Your Heels
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Dawntroversial is primarily a business focused on customising shoes, anything from women’s sky high heels to men’s Converse. I offer a customisation service for your own / your old shoes! So if you Hand Over Your Heels (or his old kicks) I can revamp them and bring them back to life!! Price is on request! Contact Dawn here if you would like to hand over your old shoes to get your own designs, ideas, patterns, the sky isn’t even the limit! Email me your sketch to:  info@dawntroversial.com

Have a look through The SHOEseum (a virtual online museum of all of the shoes I have ever made) for inspiration and ideas, as well as all the shoes that are currently for sale, including a crazy collection I made for Nightwalk, more “display pieces” !

Here are some shoe templates I drew below for you!

Right Click > Save > Print them out >>>> GET DESIGNING YOUR OWN SHOES!!! 🙂
dawntroversial creeper template

dawntroversial high bootie template

dawntroversial converse template
dawntroversial doc martin template

dawntroversial mega platform template

dawntroversial platform template