DAWNTROVERSIAL | Architecture Design
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Architectural Assistant | Part I: RIBA | S&P Architects | Glasgow | http://www.aflsp.com / http://www.afl-uk.com

Dawn gained her Bachelor of Science with Honours in Architecture from University in Glasgow, Scotland, then worked with prestigious award-winning Architecture firm S&P Architects in Glasgow.

– Took responsibility & completed technical drawings for £35 million upgrade to the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh, where I created the interior design presentation and mood boards to present to the contractors of the Royal Commonwealth Pool, including tile specs, tile selection for every room, the slip grade, colour, changing rooms, toilet cubicles, doors, throughout entire building, as well as designing bespoke storage units & play areas
– Worked as Lead Consultants on the £4.5 million extension and refurbishment of the Overton and Highlander Primary School, drawing plans, elevations and rendered realistic montages of the proposed design
– Prepared technical drawings; plans/elevation/sections, drawing 3D models for Planning Applications to the Council for Planning Permission
– Organised all technical drawings, revisions and schedules on ‘Build Online’ online program for the whole team of Contractors, Architects and Engineers to work from
– Coped under pressure and within deadlines, I learned better time-management and organisational, to think quickly and solve problems efficiently & developing strong business relationships
– Managed, build client base, dealt with and calling clients, contractors and suppliers in the UK
– Created Power Point presentations for pupils & teachers to see the refurbishment of the school
– Designed bespoke furniture & found suppliers & manufacturers
– Estimate material requirements and costs, and present design to client for approval