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How cute are the images from the Dawntroversial lookbook? I’ve posted about her shoes before but she’s recently extended in to clothing. With still a strong focus on customise shoes her clothing is gloriously high trash and tack with not so much a nod and a wink to pop culture than a full on head butt. Everything is big about her collection – it’s all very extroverted and loud. Her shoes have moved from galaxy print in to bigger brighter collections with adornments, and would not look out of place in the Harajuku area of Japan.
You can buy Dawntroversial via asos, follow her on facebook and twitter.” – blogged by Bewaits.com – can read here!

Costume/Shoes/Director of Photography – Dawntroversial
Photography – DVLX
Hair – Amber at Reflections
Make Up – Rachel Louise
Nails – Lauren McLeod
Models – Ashleigh Greenwood (McFlurry), Dawntroversial (McDouble&Large Fries) & Debay De Lux (Donut Desert)
Location – the infamous McDonalds’s at Jamaica St/Argyle St Glasgow





February 22, 2016

Creative Direction, Fashion
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